LoveInSand ceremony

LoveInSand ceremony is an exclusive wedding sand ceremony.

Many moons ago, we met a couple, who had a wonderful idea for their wedding and fortunately, they shared with hundreds of brides and grooms.

The Exclusive Wedding Sand Ceremony…
is an Affordable Luxury,
gives you 5 different Guaranties,
gives you the Sand Holder (their innovation) which keeps the sand down and even if you shake it the sand won’t be mixed up,
uses premium quality and exotic wooden frames,
engraves not just names and dates, but romantic quotes and lovely motives as well,
can give you even more: Swarowski Crystal on the frame, sparkling or mirror decor sand

And this is not the end of their offer: personalised and unique implementations of your wish.

The type of pictures:


The sets:


If you are interested in, send us an e-mail.